Romney reportedly carried out fake gangster hit

If you only you knew Mittens as a pretend gangster wielding a gat busting caps in people’s heads. It’s adorable!

Daily Caller— The four teens wore “trench coats with turned-up collars and wide-brimmed fedoras,” Shaw told The Daily Caller in an interview.The pretend gangsters made a beeline for the storefront. One knocked the door open while two others “stood menacingly with their hands in their pockets.” Shaw instantly pegged the fourth member of the team as Romney. The boy “shoved his way in,” he said, wielding a toy Tommy gun. “This is a stick-up,” Shaw recalls Romney saying, adding that he “proceeded to ‘spray’ the entire store as sparks from the toy flew from the muzzle.”

In the blink of an eye, the pranksters jumped into their getaway car and sped away.

Just imagine if Obama had done something like that. Pulled up in a gangster car dressed like a gangster with a toy machine gun spraying sparks at terrified shopkeepers and customers. Well, first of all, he’d probably have been shot for realz on the spot, but had he survived would the right today think that was just so cute and oh so precious? Or would a reenactment with live interviews of the victims be on a new dedicated Fox News channel in continious loop right now?


  1. schmeer says

    We already know how that would go, only the boy’s name was Trayvon instead of Barack.

  2. hexidecima says

    granted, this was pre-Columbine, but what is it about Romney that he has to constantly be threating violence, scaring people and then like any bully, say he was “only joking”. He’s the classic spoiled brat. And it seems he’s never grown out of that with his continued lack of conscience with his easily demonstrated lies.

  3. helenaconstantine says

    to no. 3–

    Its often caused by having an over-bearing father that makes you feel you can never measure up. that seems to be the case with Romney–he’s doing this because if he gets a higher office than daddy had, he will finally show him. Except if, god forbid he gets it, it will only make him feel more hollow inside. But he can fight down that feeling by launching a nuclear strike against Iran.

  4. lorn says

    Practice for what he is going to do to America. Cloaked in a billion dollars of trench coat in the form of campaign advertising, a ratfucking budget in the millions for a fedora, and a using a spark shooting interpretation of the law he is going to transfer ownership of everything of value and make a getaway to Libertarian/Multinational heaven.

  5. StevoR says

    ^ Typo correction, sorry : Please insert two ‘ts’ and c[aitl letters in ‘Stonekettle Station’ and a space between so and sure in the last line. Durnnit! Sigh.


    If you only you knew Mittens as a pretend gangster wielding a gat busting caps in people’s heads. It’s adorable!

    No, it really isn’t. But rather Mittens the pretend gangster than Mittens the pretend president.

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