Do Christians know how bad Bryan Fischer makes them look?

Sweet Jesus, that long-haired radical who upset every rich guy from Rome to Judea by running about the Middle East preaching the wealthy and powerful better start caring about the masses if they wanna go up to heaven, was actually a violent thug hell-bent on preserving the economic injustice of his time and ours. At least according to classhole Bryan Fischer: [Read more…]

Ken Blackwell mangles science on Hardball

If you know of uber right-wing warrior Ken Blackwell then you know that headline above reads like dog-bites-man. Blackwell was at it again on MSNBC’s Hardball Thursday evening, shilling for a personhood measure called Initiative 26 in Mississippi, where he tried to talk about the science of human development. Surprise! He mangles it hopelessly. Blackwell stated scientists — and the American people — recognize that, at the moment of fertilization, a human being is created. Some people may be divided on this. Science is not. [Read more…]

Bad news for planetary exploration?

I’m working on better info, but considering the source, this article by Robert Zubrin in the Moonie Times, titled “Obama readies to blast NASA,” has all the hallmarks of a politically motivated hit piece:

The ostensible reason for the administration’s decision to kill planetary exploration and space astronomy is budgetary discipline. Yet while federal spending has grown 40 percent since 2008, NASA’s funding has remained virtually the same. It is not NASA that is bankrupting America, but OMB. If the administration needs to cut budgets, it should start with those of the regulatory agencies that are strangling the nation’s businesses …

Why are members of the Oakland police not in jail right now?

@stuartmillar159: @guardian reporter at #occupyoakland says police planning to move in and clear square at 10pm local time.

Update on Twitter:  @northoaklandnow: #OccupyOakland events heating up: protesters are trying to take down the Broadway and 14th Street barricade!

Update on Twitter: RT @occupyoakland: The plaza is open now, people are starting gather. The grass is fenced off. Everyone com… (cont)

I got word of the Oakland tragedy via Greg Laden, and then found this clip below which I had to watch several times to believe. It clearly shows a police officer throwing a concussion grenade into a small group which gathered to help get a critically injured man slumped on the pavement to the emergency room. How is this motherfucker still free on the street, let alone allowed to wear a police uniform and carry a loaded weapon? [Read more…]