Watts watch: little change so far

Results from the Berkeley Earth project data fits existing NASA and NOAA temperature records like a glove

Climate skeptic Anthony Watts continues to ignore the glaring conclusion of a study he once heavily promoted, the Berkeley Earth Project (Shown and linked above), and is now implying the lead scientist on that study, who he once praised, is engaging in antics.  The latest post on Watts’ site is titled Nature pans BEST …. This follows another post earlier this week where Watts claimed the flagship climate science site Realclimate also panned the results with this post (The only thing that could be remotely termed criticism in the Realclimate piece, or in Watts’ vernacular, panning, are the actions of some of the unnamed climate skeptics and sources of funding frequented by the lead scientist on the BEST study that the RC author makes causal reference to).

Watts seems to be engaging in some antics of his own here, specifically, the age old tactic of conflation. By implying Realclimate and Nature are critical of the BEST results — which found clear global temperature rises over the last 150 years, results Watts apparently does not like and has long tried to discredit –he’s implying they agree with skeptics like Watts when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Doing this once could be chalked up to an accident, twice might represent honest confusion. But if it happens again it’s safe to say Watts is intentionally misleading his reader and, probably, lying to himself as well.

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