House votes to sue Obama



Please chip in to my Paypal account at Darksydothemoon-at-aol-com if you have some spare scratch. I may may have gotten at a job but it won’t start til mid August. Speaking of work, it’s good work if you can get it. Before taking off for a month and half long summer break, the US House of Representatives voted moments ago to sue the President:

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Was he FOR rape before he was against it?

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The Teaparty playbook is simple: it’s the same ugly bullshit that has sustained authoritarian creeps and their well paid henchmen since the dawn of civilization. It worked for post Civil War racists for more than a century, it worked for European fascists in the 1930s, and it works for the conservative wing of the Republican Party today. An important part of the playbook is to call your opponents the worst names you can think of, say for example, baby killer, pervert, wimp, traitor, or rapist, over and over and over. On the latter, take it away RushBo: [Read more…]

All in all a bad night for the Teaparty


There is no joy in Teaville, mighty Cooch and the gang have struck out. It was a bad night all around for the Teaparty. A good night for Chris Christie who unofficially-officially launched his bid for the WH last night, and a decent night for progressives by default. Best of all it fans the Republican civil war between the know-nothings who can’t believe America doesn’t support their narrow views and the establishment GOP that shocked them into life: [Read more…]

Reports of Teaparty death may be premature


There’s hopeful speculation all over the blogosphere that the Teaparty is done for. I hope so too and given that polls are not looking good for them lately there’s reason to think that. But let’s not limit ourselves to wishful thinking, let’s instead include rational analysis and testable predictions. There are two primary factors driving that movement: 1) billionaire money and 2) neo-confederate ideology. Think of them as lords and vassals. If either one of those were to start dying on the vine, the Teaparty movement would be in trouble. I don’t know the exact number, but they don’t need the Chamber of Commerce or Wall Street. A huge chunk of the money side is driven by a tiny handful of creepy zillionaires like the Koch Brothers. The other populist component reaches back in hallowed American antiquity: [Read more…]

Ted Cruz, conman, but on whose side?


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Last day for my fundraising, and I’ve reached my goal so no pressure, but speaking of fundraising … damn near everything Teaparty Republicans do these days is a scam. Not surprising, the whole movement is a scam, created to appear as a grassroots uprising demanding lower taxes and less regulation on conservative billionaires. So Ted Cruz’s fake filibuster scam, up to and including comparing healthcare to the Nazi Holocaust, is par for the course. It’s still just another scam, but one so clumsy and transparent that even fellow conservative grifters can hardly stand to watch: [Read more…]

Join the Cruz bashing


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Until I get done, bashing Ted Cruz has become a cottage industry this week and it sounds like he deserves it. So here’s some enjoyable links to join in the fun: Ted and me at TPM; The distinguished wacko bird from Texas at GQ; Some GOP Leaders Tee Up Cruz For Blame If There’s A Shutdown at VPR; and You cloture it, you buy it at the FW Business Press.

McConnell and Reid shiv Ted Cruz


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The more I see of Ted Cruz, the more I see a truly foul human being, the worst of the DC Teaparty posers, happy to wreck the nation for fun and personal profit. A man who pretends to be of the people and rags Obama as an elitist for attending Harvard, the same school Cruz attended, while rumors swirl from past classmates paint Cruz as an elitist snob who would not even associate with “non ivy league” college students.

But his McCarthy like approach to defunding Obamacare has been derailed in the Senate with the help of one Mitch McConnell, minority leader, who briefly emerged today like a frightened turtle to pull the levers on obscure Senate procedure: [Read more…]