WI Gov Scott Walker is stone cold busted

No one really believed the excuse WI Gov Scott Walker dredged up when trying to take away workers’ rights. But the wingnut band played on. Now a video has surfaced showing Walker briefing a billionaire contributor on his scheme to destroy workers’ rights, divide and conquer, starting with public sector unions for civil servants like teachers, firefighters, paramedics, and police. The clip comes at the worst possible time for Walker, he faces a statewide recall election in early June. Walker responded to the video today: [Read more…]

When is an attack on religious freedom merely a good spirited difference of opinion among the faithful?

Trick question, easy answer: whenever Paul Ryan needs it to be. Back when Obama weakened the original Romneycare requirement so that it only covered birth control pills and not terminal pregnancies, it was a full-scale war on religion, over ruling the view of the Catholic Church, ZOMG, Jefferson wept! In a moment of unadulterated satire even Romney tried to jump on that bucking bronco before being thrown. But when a Republican capo pushes legislation against the core beliefs of the exact same church, that’s totaalllly different! [Read more…]

Vatican at the center of a money laundering investigation

The details are murky — that’s always how it is with these clowns — but apparently a lot of money was being moved in and out of a Vatican account managed by JP Morgan and various European money centers, most of them in Germany. The pattern of brisk credits and transfers is reportedly similar to those that often draw the attention of money laundering investigators. The process is known affectionately by accountants as sweeping: [Read more…]

Economy recovery really under way?

An analyst in the investment racket once told me “Things don’t usually move as fast as you think they will, but when they start moving they often keep going longer and further than you think they will.” The year was 1994, at the end of a long recession, and boy was he right. Hopefully, last week’s unemployment stats together with this one bode well too: [Read more…]

Eat junkfood, lay on the couch, and get ripped like Adonis

Who wouldn’t want to believe you could lay around all day eating cake and fried cheese and become a healthier, lean-mean muscular god? The idea is so seductive that, despite real world experience to the contrary, variations of it form the basis for weight loss and workout scams to this day. The economic equivalent is the claim that getting rid of annoying rules and cutting the taxes on billionaires leads to a healthier economy and prosperity for all. We know for a recent historical fact that that isn’t true, because we’ve been cutting taxes on billionaires and deregulating for decades and the economy went straight into the shitter. Finally, someone with a megaphone used it to point this out. [Read more…]