Do Christians know how bad Bryan Fischer makes them look?

Sweet Jesus, that long-haired radical who upset every rich guy from Rome to Judea by running about the Middle East preaching the wealthy and powerful better start caring about the masses if they wanna go up to heaven, was actually a violent thug hell-bent on preserving the economic injustice of his time and ours. At least according to classhole Bryan Fischer:

And the OWS crowd is animated by a thoroughly ugly disregard for the 10th Commandment as well. God says, “Thou shalt not covet…any thing that is thy neighbor’s.” And yet the Occupiers are driven by a dark, bitter, resentful, angry and acquisitive greed for stuff that belongs to other people. … Jesus took a whip to the thieves and the covetous in his day. If he were to come back and do the same thing today, he just might start in Zuccotti Park.

When Jesus said blessed are the poor and the meek shall inherit the earth, he was kidding! Come on people! Stop taking the Bible so damn literally — with the exception of Genesis anyway. That part is absolutely, literally, accurate. But all that stuff Jesus said later on in the book about the rich and the rest and the poor and the sick, that was all divinely inspired metaphor. Bryan Fischer happens to know it really meant CEOs should loot every thing and every one in sight, free from any government regulation or taxes, and if you don’t like it JC gonna come back from the grave and beat you down. The fact that it happens to hugely benefit a tiny group of powerful modern-day money-changers who fund clowns like Fischer is just pure fucking coincidence.

Everyone knows when you mix religion and politics the result is … politics. Which in this case leads inescapably, according to this idiot, to a corrupt revision of religious history so foul I can smell it from where I sit. Good grief, do Christians know or care how bad Fischer makes their religion appear to the rest of the world?


  1. davidct says

    This clown somehow thinks that Jesus is only about protecting thieves from their victims. He has perverted the teachings of his religion to the point where they are unrecognizable. He somehow thinks that the rich are the ones who are the ones going to heaven and that the poor (or simply less rich) deserve to be robbed because god or Jesus obviously do not favor them. What a wonderful religion.

  2. kraut says

    I applaud him. He makes Christianity a religion of the rich, thus eliminating its broad support, pushing it were it belongs – into the cultist corner.
    The unwashed masses then can go and deal with reality – and the exploiters – appropriately.

  3. ManOutOfTime says

    The 99% don’t pay his salary, a handful of 1%ers do. I’d pay to see Jeebus take a whip to hon, though!

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