Star of Juno & Umbrella Academy is Trans

I loved both Juno & UA, and I loved the performances of the actor Elliot Page in both of them. But until today I did not know that he is trans:

I’m so happy for Elliot I can’t even express it, but check out that message: there’s a lot in there that isn’t about Elliot. I’m happy that he seems to share some of the values that I think are important, in particular the responsibility of those with relatively privileged positions to use their platforms to call attention to the people who are even worse off.

Go you, Elliot. Go you.


Bonus time!

Someone named an Atlanta restaurant after me! It really is a good day…



  1. says

    I was pleasantly stunned. I’ll be spending all day smiling.

    Now my only question for him (that does not need to be answered): Did he choose Elliot to retain some familiarity in the public’s mind? Or he simply preferred the masculine form of the name?

  2. sonofrojblake says

    He was in Inception and X-men. It baffles me a bit why this story leaves those off the headline almost everywhere I’ve seen it.

    Oh, and good for him. Really thorough and nuanced announcement too, but then from what little I know of him from his work, it’s what I’d expect.

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