I Made a Thing!

Yeah, yeah. It’s just a chart made using a spreadsheet program. Yet I have a deep-rooted conviction that I’m unable to make anything visually attractive, so I’m quite satisfied I managed to make anything look even this good. There are other versions of this floating around, I obviously stole the original idea from xoNicole (or whoever she stole the idea from), but there were elements of the xoNicole version that didn’t quite fit my sensibility. I also wanted a copy on hand that I could easily modify for new topics.

And, yay! I done did it!

There are 4 primary reasons. The first is, None of your business. Second we find the response, Still none of your business. Third, of course, is What is wrong with you, fuck off! Lastly, the chart displays None of your business, but in a lush, attractive eggplant

Why do women have abortions? A helpful graphic by Crip Dyke.


I can’t wait to create delicious variations like, “Why is that person on food stamps buying a steak?” and “Why are trans* women always so hyper-feminine?”


  1. says

    I like it.

    “Why AFAB people have abortions?” would be a valid question to ask in a discussion about free contraceptives, paid parental leave, and free kindergartens. It would be appropriate in such context.

    But no, instead anti-choice people ask this question when it is none of their business.

  2. kestrel says

    All I can say is, that is a Very Nice Thing. Well done! Plus it brought a chuckle to both me and the Partner this morning so thank you!

  3. ardipithecus says

    I wish to extend my apologies. I studied this 9% lush, attractive pie chart for a while before discerning that it is none of my business.

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