Superb Owl: Ignore her nickname, I believe she was always named Judith

Owl kills mate because he has a small penis

There’s no particular reason why I would post this particular article today, of course.




  1. John Morales says

    Not being USAnian, I actually had to read this article to get the pun.

    (I actually thought it would be about an owl — and it was!)

  2. StevoR says

    Okay, I read the article and still don’t get the pun. Wasn’t the Black Widow a superhero as well as a type of arachnid and a pulsar?*

    Judith makes me think there’s an allusion here to the Holofernes story and artwork :

    Maybe? Biblically-speaking there’s also what Jael supposedly did to Sisera which is possibly even more brutal, I mean a tent peg?! Plus he only got milk not wine?

    * Speciifically PSR B1957+20 some 6,500 light years away. See :

    Plus, yes, there’s the Latrodectus genus of spiders and yes, there’s a series of superheroes with that moniker :

    Plus the whole literay trope and now we add an owl to the list I guess.

  3. ardipithecus says

    It’s common in many owl species for females to attack males they don’t like. In the wild, the males can usually escape, as they are smaller and more agile. In captivity, not so much.

    His cloaca probably had nothing to do with it.

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