Sometimes The Headline Is Enough: RWW/Alex Jones Edition

Presented without comment:

Alex Jones: Pedophile Spiritual Vampires Are Feeding On The Essence Of Children




  1. blf says

    I am not a pedophile, spirit, or vampire, and I don’t bother with the mere essence ! I just had, in fact, a rather nice Risotto

  2. StonedRanger says

    I clicked the link and read what little story there was. No way in hell I am going to watch that video. I couldn’t stand that much stupid this early in the day. Why anyone gives this idiot the time of day, much less the free advertising that stories like this provide. The guy is a moron and all he says is the babbling of said moron. Anyone who believes this guy should just dry up and die.

  3. says

    If ya look at Satanic Bible author Anton LaVey’s writings, there’s a disproportionate amount of ink spilled on the subject of “psychic vampires.” Maybe AJ went Satanic on his peeples?

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