AI Sportsball: Release the Kraken!

One or both of my readers my remember my long time fondness for the work of Dr. Janelle Shane, an optical physicist who delights in exploring the capabilities and limitations of neural networks – computer systems that attempt to identify what certain words or images have in common and then generate novel members of the inferred set. While she has used neural networks for many delightful things, this week she has literally used it to release the Kraken!

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Zero Fox Given: Stephanie Walter

Ran across this great illustration by Stephanie Walter, a European programmer, designer, & blogger:

Sleeping red-orange canid with unnaturally colorful tail gives zero

Zero Fox Given


She blogs primarily in french, and I have never read any tech-news in French some I’m learning a ton of new terms, but if you’re comfortable reading French and do any design or programming (or are willing to scroll through a bunch of things you don’t understand to find cute designs!), you might just find her blog worth checking out!