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Sorry if this is causing a problem for you, but there may be a problem with comments failing to appear after being submitted. Not sure what the problem is or how long it will last. More updates as events warrant.


UPDATE: Problem deciphered, appropriate measures in place. No one should have any further concerns.


  1. blf says

    There is a world-wide shortage of bits in the set (1) state, so most communications are now just basically 0000 0000 0000 …0000, which whilst more truthful than, say, hair furor and his dalekocracy, and conveys more information than his twitterings, nonetheless causes a few minor difficulties. The Cooperative for Electron Resupply of Networks (CERN) is busily working on the problem and generating set bits as quickly as possible, but with most systems being down due to the lack of set bits, its hard for the new supply of set bits to propagate and restore normal service. A special airlift of set bits to critical sites is being considered, but first CERN has to find aerocrafts which don’t rely on having adequate set bits. To-date, this means wood-and-cloth biplanes in museums not protected by digital locks, then fueled by hand, and piloted by individuals who know how to use the original joystick.

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