Clearly Enunciated

Sometimes a few words are worth a thousand images. In this case the words that tickled my fancy came to me through a company that placed them on a T-shirt. I would think Iris in particular might like them, but even I found them delightful. Can’t wait to hear exactly what I’m talking about? The build up beginning to feel excessive? Well, okay. Here you go:

I do not spew profanities. I enunciate them clearly, like a fucking lady.

So. Many. Lols.

NOTE: apologies for those who saw the post before it was updated. Apparently the image is in layers: the design and the image of the model in the shirt are stored separate. I imagine this is to save server storage space so the image of the model and shirt can be reused, though I’m not exactly sure how this works. In any case, trying to show the image over here by linking to its URL gave only the model and shirt without the all-important graphic. Sorry about that!


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