Research Outreach blocked me on Twitter

Research Outreach Twitter screenshot

Screenshot from June 12, 2019.

When I published “Is Research Outreach a rebranded Research Features” yesterday, I went to Research Outreach‘s Twitter page, which is linked from their homepage. I was going to tag them in the tweet accompanying the post, since I like to let people to know what I’m saying about them. To my surprise, I found that I had been blocked. The reason this was surprising is that I don’t think I had followed them. I certainly never interacted with them.

Did Research Outreach block me preemptively? I shouldn’t be surprised. I already knew that they were “interested and concerned” about what I had written about Research Features, which by all indications is the same outfit. If it’s true that Research Outreach is the rebranded Research Features, I wouldn’t blame them for wanting to stay off of my radar.

Google results for Research Features

Screenshot from June 12, 2019.


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