In a post on human evolution (“BBC asks, why we are only humans still alive?“), Uncommon Descent asks,

It is unclear that any of these groups [Neanderthals, Denisovans, ‘hobbits’] ever were separate species. Is that not just more Darwinspeak? The serious discussion of what “separate species” means never happens because no Darwin follower can afford it. [emphasis mine]

The discussion never happens, really? That will be news to MayrDobzhanskySimpsonCracraft, Ehrlich, Van ValenCoyne et al.Sokal & CrovelloMishler & Donoghue, Nixon & Wheeler, WileyRosselló-Mora & AmannHudson & Coynede Queiroz, Bradley & BakerWard, Hausdorf, Mallet, and the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of other evolutionary biologists who have weighed in on the topic of species concepts. Can someone please remind me what intelligent design has contributed to this ‘serious discussion’?

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