Trail maintenance crew

I went backpacking and fishing in Great Smoky Mountains National Park last weekend. On the way in, there was lots of fresh horse poop on the trail; on the way out, not so much. I ran into the cleanup crew:


    • Matthew Herron says

      It isn’t quick. I thought the ball was more-or-less formed when I started filming and that I’d soon get to see the rolling. After three minutes of watching him fuss over getting the ball just right, I gave up (there were miles left to hike and fish to be caught). The rolling part of the video is a different beetle, further down the trail.

  1. siwuloki says

    Horse poop on the trails in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in the Sonoran desert are often surrounded by cottontail rabbit poop. Cottontails being natural coprophages find lots of nutrients in the alfalfa- and grass-fueled remnants.

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