I was hosting a co-PI this past week, and we watched Arrival Sunday night. This will include only minor spoilers, but I’ll put my impression below the fold anyway.

We all loved the movie. My bias is that I’m increasingly frustrated with Hollywood’s inability to make a sci-fi movie that doesn’t involve spaceship dogfights, explosions, and chase scenes. Even adaptations of thoughtful science fiction novels tend to drift toward action movies, to the detriment of the actual stories (Minority Report, anyone?). Not that I don’t enjoy the occasional Western in space (Firefly/Serenity, for example), but I do worry that movies like MoonPrimer and Donnie Darko are a dying breed.

Arrival avoids all these traps, delivering a thoughtful and surprising drama. It was one of the best ‘real’ science fiction movies I’ve seen in several years. Much of the story remains mysterious; we never learn much of what we want to know about the aliens (I guess that’s a bit of a spoiler). We learn enough, though, to move the story along and keep things interesting. And there’s a major plot twist late in the movie that will make you reinterpret a lot of what has gone before. Maybe not a Sixth Sense plot twist, but a pretty good one all the same.

Our only complaint about the movie was regarding the audio volume. As with so many movies, it seemed the dramatic music was about forty times as loud as the dialogue, necessitating a finger always on the volume control. I’m going to invent a home theater system with separate controls for music volume and dialogue volume.


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  1. alvin says

    I really enjoyed it. For days afterwards I was thinking about the themes and the implications.That’s unusual these days with so many sci fi films feeling like they were assembled by committee. Amy Adams was superb, maybe the best performance I’ve seen from her.

    The positive I took from its success was that it wasn’t a ‘Moon’ or a ‘Primer’ where an unknown had forced something through on a small budget as a labour of love, but a well financed production with a well known cast. Maybe a sign that at least one studio was prepared to make a film which doesn’t lend itself to spawning an entire ‘universe’ of doppelganger releases.

    So fingers crossed there’s more on the way now they’ve proved there’s still an appetite for thought provoking cinema…

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