Counting my millions

Breaking Bad Money

Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/AMC

I’m at a net loss from blogging so far. My net income for two years (here and on the old site) has been $21.54, while I’ve paid around a hundred bucks for domain name registration and stuff like that. That’s fine; I don’t do it for the money. I have a lot of other reasons for doing this, and there have been lots of benefits both intangible and tangible. The blog was partly responsible for me being invited to write the meeting review for the 2015 Volvox meeting, and I’m working on another manuscript inspired by an exchange that played out on Fierce Roller. Still, the main reason I do this is that I like to.

So I’m not deluded that I’m going to retire on blogging income. However, money is good. I like it. It supports my backpacking and fly fishing habits.

Brook trout

Help support my fly fishing habit!

I’m not opposed to making money on the blog, though I am a bit picky about how I earn it. At the suggestion of a fellow FreeThought Blogger, I have registered as an Amazon Associate. In a nutshell, that means that if I post a link to something on Amazon and you click that link and buy the item, I get a cut. So far, I’ve included these links in only one post, “…much that was human and natural found no expression.”

I’m posting this because I want to be transparent about it. I have no intention of turning Fierce Roller into an Amazon storefront, but when products listed on Amazon come up in my writing, I will include Amazon Associate links. So know that: if you click an Amazon link here and buy the product, I will get a cut. We’ll see if I ever reach the ten dollar minimum payout.

EDIT: Just to clarify, “here and on the old site” refers to the two years I’ve been blogging, not to the income. The old site never made a dime; all those sweet Washingtons are from FreeThought Blogs.

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