Let’s get to the bottom of condensation

Image from http://www.teddunlap.net/.

Image from http://www.teddunlap.net/.

Think you’re special, Virginia, because one of your candidates for Congress looks at porn? Pfft. Here in Montana, we have a full-blown conspiracy theorist running for governor. I’m talking (or rather he is) chemtrails, Sandy Hook, and 9-11 Truth.

Ted Dunlap is running as a Libertarian. Also, he updates his web site from the future:


Downloaded from http://www.teddunlap.net/ on May 17, 2016. Can Mike Webb post from the future?

Contrails from a prop job…case closed! Because propeller-driven airplanes don’t cause changes in air pressure or release water vapor by burning hydrocarbons.

If you don’t want to take the time to poke around his blog-like website, this gives the flavor of it:


Image from http://www.teddunlap.net/.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    Like a stopped clock, he’s right that the War on Drugs has failed and that it’s a scandal how many USAians are in, or have been in, jail. I’m curious what he plans to do about it, because that graphic doesn’t hint.

  2. lorn says

    As with so many right-leaning politicians, he seems like he has a good heart and means well, but he is also more comfortable with easy answers and demonstrates an unwillingness to commit the time and effort to learn enough to go beyond bumper sticker level explanations. Unfortunately this is exactly the sort of personality that is a blank canvas for political handlers, consultants, and advisors who can easily rearrange his concerns and priorities to serve the larger right-wing agenda. Given a few years in office he will be able to look back on vast tracts of destruction and wonder how it came to that when he always meant well.

  3. Menyambal says

    I have ridden my bicycle on Conner Cutoff Road! I have also seen images of WWII prop planes leaving contrails in the sky over Europe. And those were piston engined-planes – there are turbo-prop planes now with engines much like jet engines, driving propellors.

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