Explaining atheism for aces

Since I’m best known for being an ace blogger, perhaps a few of you expect me to explain asexuality, preferably in an easily digestible blog post, preferably in listicle format. Pffff, wait your turn. Have you considered that I have ace readers, and the ace readers want to hear me vulgarize atheism instead?

What is atheism?

Atheism is defined as the lack of belief in gods. This definition, of course, is a political fiction.
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Welcome from a soup can

It’s said that labels are for soup cans. Never having known an aphorism to be false, I have concluded that I am a soup can.

Physicist – I am a grad student. I do experiments on superconductors. They pay me money. I can answer physics questions for free though.

Blogger – I started blogging in 2007 at Skeptic’s Play. In 2015, I moved to wordpress, changing the title to A Trivial Knot. And now I’ve moved to FTB. Independently from this, I run the group blog The Asexual Agenda, launched in 2012.

Ace – Here’s a brief primer! An asexual is someone who experiences little or no sexual attraction. A gray-A (aka grey-A, gray-ace, grey-sexual, graysexual, grey-asexual, grace) is somewhere between asexual and not. A demisexual might only experience sexual attraction to someone if they have a close emotional bond. “Ace” is often used as an umbrella, including asexuals, gray-aces and demisexuals. I’m gray-A.

Oddly, of the three labels I’ve presented so far, “ace” is the one that is derided as a phase and a lifestyle choice.

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