April Snark of the Month

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That’s right! With a judicious application of snark, you too can unenthusiastically experience the thrill of the Snark of the Month.

April’s Snark of the Month

The “official” story given by the United States Border Patrol to account for its hemorrhaging employees is the abysmal working conditions. However, the spokesman couldn’t help but take a potshot at all the millenials who weren’t signing up for his program with a snide remark: “I don’t want to indict an entire generation but it’s harder to sell self-sacrifice for the common good.” To which our snark winner, LykeX, fired back:

You mean, you have to actually argue for your policies, rather than just waving a flag around? How dreadful.

We’re on to him, LykeX.


April Runner-up

Canada’s favourite Senator and genocide-apologist Lynn Beyak certainly brings the best out in quotetheunquote:

I read a bit about her extensive experience “suffering” along with the first nations peoples; she reminds me so much of Doug “some of my best friends are Jews” Ford.

To be fair, it was his maternal grandmother. Does anybody know if 1/8th Jewish is enough Jewish to qualify for Nazi hatred? (I’m guessing “probably.” Is that shit written down somewhere? Do they make that sort of distinction??)

Snark on to make an appearance for May!

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