The Guardian’s readership continues to depress me

“Sisterhood” discourse is deader-than-dead, yet The Guardian‘s readership clings to it like a fucking life raft.

On the topic of cis and trans women “having differences.”

To say we are the same is ridiculous.

Paging all cis people. I repeat: paging all cis people.

Nobody is making this argument.


Will somebody help me tell The Guardian’s readers to smarten the fuck up already? I mean, kudos for keeping straw farmers in business, I guess, but this shit is getting tiresome.



  1. johnson catman says

    Since when has that crowd EVER let go of an argument because of evidence or good sense? If it serves their purpose, they will continue to repeat it ad infinitum no matter how many times it has been disproven.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    To say we are the same is ridiculous.

    I’ve heard the same argument used against democracy. Works about as well.

  3. says

    I use a blocker that makes comments disappear. It’s the only way to make youtube bearable.

    The endgame for the internet is going to be curated content, and a gigantic swamp of horribleness and deplorables. I know where I’ll be.

  4. says

    “We’re all the same.”

    Yes. And no.

    In all the ways that matter — i.e. being a human being with all the rights, responsibilities, flaws, vices, and virtues thereof — we are the same.

    But we are also very, very different, and it is those differences that give the world both literal and figurative flavor.