Dying of laughter, send help

Career asshole Ezra Levant of Rebel Media infamy apparently requested a press pass to join the United Nation’s Conference of the Parties (COP 22) and was denied on the grounds that he didn’t count as a reporter. Now he’s written a lengthy diatribe appealing to the Prime Minister to get him in on the grounds of free speech, accusing the UN of censoring his odious enterprise because it “dissents” from the scientific consensus on climate change.

Rewind with me back to 2008 and you’ll see the irony apparent when Levant attempted to defend himself from a libel lawsuit by claiming he wasn’t ever a reporter.

And yet Mr. Levant, by his own admission, is not a journalist. “I’m a commentator, I’m a pundit,” he explained to the judge. “I don’t think in my entire life I’ve ever called myself a reporter.”

I don’t know, Ezra. To me it sounds like the United Nations is just taking you at your word. I can’t imagine why a conference gathering specifically for the purpose of assessing the finer points of climate change policy would possibly deny access to the employees under the editorial thumb of a chronically dishonest anti-science crank. After all, you can still lie as a secondary news source.