Buy chocolate for sex positivity!

Full disclosure: I am acquainted with the owner of the Alberta Sex Positive Education Community Centre (ASPECC), so my endorsement is completely and entirely biased.

But you should totes buy some chocolate to help them fundraise.

A bit about ASPECC:

Our Mission

To promote sex positive values and attitudes in the Greater Edmonton area, provide low to no cost space for other non profits that are also sex positive, and to facilitate sex positive education and awareness in our community.

What We Do

  1. We maintain a space that has several rooms that can be used for meetings, classrooms workshops etc, and an event area suitable for talent shows, movie screenings, performances etc.

  2. We offer that space at low to no charge to non-profit groups in exchange for networking resources, sharing information, collaboration on large scale community awareness projects.

  3. When we are not already booked, our space is available for individuals and for profit ventures to rent.  All proceeds go towards our mission.

  4. When fundraising events are booked at ASPECC our team is available to help with finding volunteers, finding items to raffle/silent auction, finding sponsors and more.

  5. ASPECC offers workshops presentations and demonstrations, but most often we are facilitators, finding the appropriate individuals/groups to provide workshops etc, then providing the space and advertising the workshop.

  6. ASPECC also hosts fundraiser events.  Proceeds from these events go towards the cost of the centre.

  7. We fund-raise to support the centre and it’s events, striving to keep as many workshops as possible at no charge to our guests.

  8. We provide an Artist’s Corner, in which sex positive and/or LGBTQIA artists are showcased, at no charge.

  9. We offer professional development courses such as Kink Aware and facilitate others such as Sex Positive Professionals and Trans Aware Professionals

  10. ASPECC is a sex positive, safe(r) space for persons of all genders, ethnicity, sexualities, abilities and lifestyles to gather to socialize, to learn, to explore and to celebrate the diversity of humankind.

Besides, chocolate! Chocolate for sex! Positivity!