Impromptu self care: Fuck it edition

I need to unplug for a few days. In the past hour, I found on my news feed:

  • Another trans woman murdered; misgendered by police.
  • A tireless critic of police brutality and her five year-old child shot by police; said police wiping the data on her phone which probably caught the whole event on camera.
  • A youtuber coming out as trans with dozens of media outlets turning her into a punching bag.
  • A trans woman who robbed a bank and turned herself in, because no homeless shelter would take her and she was less likely to be beaten in prison than on the streets.
  • A trans woman who shared a story of how she was held pending charges in a men’s prison. She overheard the officers referring to her as a freak and that they expected the other prisoners to assault her as they denied her requests for solitary confinement.

I’m out. Unplugging for a few days. Fuck this shit.



  1. Great American Satan says

    There’s a reason i usually wait for news to come to me instead of seeking it. As a blogger I mostly produce content that has nothing to do with current events. Because Jeezix Fukken Shyt, that is horrible.