Internet proves how not sexist it is by hurling sexist abuse at female Premiers

CBC News ran a piece, additional video linked below, on sexism in politics called “The Meaning of Hillary.” Although the show’s premise was to discuss the implications of Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic candidate, it did so by inviting Canada’s female Premiers–Christie Clark (British Colombia), Rachel Notley (Alberta), and Kathleen Wynne (Ontario)–to discuss their own experiences as political leaders who are also women.

All three of them, despite all being Left(ish) leaders, have a common feature in their interfacing with their administrations: Men still engage in sexist microaggressions, despite being subordinate. 

You’ll never guess what kind of comments are in the video.

It’s a bit like shouting, “I’m not sexist, you cunt!” isn’t it.

The video, for anyone who is curious and has the stomach to pore through the blissfully ironic misogyny in the comments:

Something about authoritarianism must immunize these people from irony.



  1. Siobhan says

    I thought it was legitimate critique about ethics in gaming journalism.

    I am awarding this the “Comment of the Day” ribbon.

  2. Trickster Goddess says

    Correction: Christie Clarke is by no stretch of the imagination a leftish leader.
    Despite being ‘Liberal’ in name, the party was taken over by the pro-corporate politicians after the Socred Party crashed and burned at the end of the Van der Zalm era. There is no other party to the right of the Liberals in BC.