The circular logic of the US Military

I was taught to never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence. I feel I have found a scenario where it is safe to call it malice. Chelsea Manning, the whistleblower revealing the criminal abuses by the Obama administration in a number of affairs, was threatened with solitary confinement over a tube of expired toothpaste and a magazine. Considering the effect solitary confinement has on prisoners (spoiler: it’s torture), it should come as no surprise that Manning, already stressed by her prison situation and denial of proper healthcare, has attempted suicide.

In a stunning feat of “missing the point so badly” I have to question where the fuck their humanity went, they decided the best thing to do to a mentally ill trans prisoner who they’ve been bullying relentlessly, was to threaten her with solitary confinement again.

I refuse to believe that someone is so dense as to think the solution to a prisoner attempting suicide because of solitary confinement is to indefinitely hold said prisoner in solitary confinement.

America: The solution to your civilian-killing, hospital-bombing problems is not more fucking bombs.



  1. says

    America: The solution to your civilian-killing, hospital-bombing problems is not more fucking bombs.

    Bombing hospitals and civilians isn’t just about clearing people off land for oil pipelines. It’s about demonstrating that they’re no accountability for having done it.

    In the minds of those who decide and dictate US foreign policy (read: wall street and the 1%ers), it is not enough for the US to have unchallenged power to do what it wants. It must abusively exercise power in a way that shows no one can challenge the US’s power.

    “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.”
    – Michael Ledeen, advocate for worldwide American fascism

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    See, now, if Osama Bin Laden had been smart enough to pass the 9/11 attack off as “unintentional” then it would have all been OK. We’d have just shrugged it off and not dwelt on the past.

  3. Katie Anderson says

    Now that the Army claim to be supporting transgender troops I don’t understand what argument they could possibly have for continuing to keep her in the wrong prison. Any argument they already had was awful, but I don’t see any room for them to argue it at all now.