Self care Saturday, July 23

This is going to be a regular thing in case that wasn’t already obvious. I will generally avoid publishing anything on Saturdays, or indeed, even visiting the website, to make sure I’m setting aside time for me to cool down and take care of myself. Most Self care Saturday posts will be written in advance and scheduled to release on Saturday without requiring me to visit the site. I’ll post things that entertain me, and hopefully you. Self care Saturday is a “feel good” space about celebrating our victories and expressing appreciation for ourselves.

Today I’m appreciating my kinks. I have a thing for combat boots. I found this delightful image from an event occurring during the Vancouver Dyke March and practically imploded with glee.

Photography Credit: Belle Ancell; Graphic Credit: Kyra Soko

Photography Credit: Belle Ancell; Graphic Credit: Kyra Soko


The detail that really tickles me pink is that the combat boot-wearer is standing on their tippy toes. I’m barely five feet tall and I have to do that a lot.

So I feel all warm fuzzy for being represented in a kinky dyke image.

-Shiv, tiny combat boot wearer


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    I just got my g/f a pair of bubblegum pink Doc Martens, and decorated them with studs and spikes down the tops. The garter – that’s a great touch. They sell some pretty nice garters on Sock Dreams and Etsy…