What are you working on?

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Do you remember when I was working on my memoir? I decided to take another look at it after setting it aside for over a year. I’m pretty excited about it. That’s where my focus has been for the past week.

After my book, “Free to Roam: Poems from a Heathen Mommy” was released in 2021, Freethought House started working on publishing my memoir. However, Freethought House is no longer in business so the project fell through.

It is my goal now to clean up the manuscript and find another publisher. I had already done quite a bit of developmental edits with Freethought House which I think will be very helpful.

Wish me luck!

What projects are you guys working on? Inspire me! 🙂


  1. says

    I spent the day cutting an ankh for a friend out of a chunk of damascus steel. The steel is tougher than most drills, jewelers’ saws, etc, so it was all hand-work with a file and a grinding burr. That is especially fun because a small piece hasn’t got much thermal mass and will quickly heat up to be hard to handle. That also work-hardens it, so as you go it gets worse and worse.

  2. Katydid says

    Sorry to hear your publisher went bankrupt. Publishing is a tough business.

    Finally finished all the work needed to get my parents’ house ready to sell (my last parent died in the summer). So. Much. Stuff. to deal with, then all the little repairs and painting that needed to be done. Finishing up the shopping for the mandatory work “adopt a family for Christmas” requirement. Managing the paperwork for a dog adoption. Yesterday, I mailed off the last of the holiday packages, cards, etc. for a holiday I don’t even celebrate. Still have the dregs of yardwork to do.

  3. Ada Christine says

    I’ve been playing with writing a web application that is going to be powering my blog and in and of itself serve as my web dev portfolio. I’m once again redesigning the page templates because I learned some new tricks and want to clean slate because that’s how I roll. Last night i started writing a JavaScript applet which I will use to generate swatches and previews so I don’t have to copy-paste and find-replace a bunch of CSS. While it would take less time to copy-paste etc, I find that tedious and I have some deficiencies in my JavaScript understanding that I’d like to overcome in the process. There’s probably an existing solution for what I’m doing but I don’t care. I will reinvent every wheel to truly understand the essence of wheels.

  4. brightmoon says

    I’m working on a quilt; doing some easy beginner ballet moves because I hurt my knee a few days ago ( pulled muscles hurt a lot) , and finishing up a novel that I’m reading by Stephen King . Thinking about repotting some houseplants even though I’d have to do about 15 . Just thinking about it as opposed to doing it . It’s the wrong time of year which stresses them too much.

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