New Poem — “Stay”


Past accolades faded.
Uncertainty reigns.
I never thought I’d be here
frail, fragile, forgotten.

I crave neverending hope.
I want support
but my steady strength
must come from within. 

Play a part until it becomes reality.
Darkness clings to my heels
but my outstretched arms
reach for a dying glimmer of light.

Unforgiving winds of doubt
pushed me down to a cruel, frigid earth,
and it has taken everything I have
to rise from the scattered debris. 

Silence and tears stall and pollute
but rage propels.
My words revealed the intentions
no one wanted to hear. 

Knock me down all you want;
I still want to see what happens.
I can crash and still burn bright
in the eyes of potential.

The sky tumbles
but I still have two feet on the ground,
stock in love,
and a hunger to fight.

The next day, the next hour –
the future’s in a fog but it doesn’t matter.
Time ticks by slowly
but it’s on my side.

Concrete isn’t solid
when your universe is inside-out
but a lifeline emerged
when I decided to stay.


  1. Katydid says

    This poem comes directly out of your last post. Who is knocking you down? The universe, or any particular person, or yourself? I really like your underlying optimism.

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