We are resilient! How have you adapted in life?

I posted a little about this before. It’s a tiny example, but still, I’m proud of myself.

I work for an arts program at a mental health nonprofit. When things are slow at work, I paint and write poetry independently.

I used to paint all the time but I gave it up for several years. I take lithium, which has some awful side effects, one of which is shaking in my hands. Using a paintbrush became nearly impossible so I gave up. Last summer I couldn’t resist – I decided to try painting again while I was at work, and I realized I have a little more control if I put my fingers directly on the canvas. I’ve been fingerpainting ever since.

So lately in my downtime at work, I’ve been making fingerpaintings of flowers. They’re simple and colorful. I was getting a lot of compliments, especially from my supervisor. She has several of my flower paintings in her office and says the story of why I use my fingers makes the paintings interesting. My coworkers encouraged me to sell them.

I decided to give it a go and started cranking out paintings. Earlier this month I took seventeen paintings to a local consignment shop. The shop has some funky and eclectic items. It’s a true treasure hunt and I felt it was the perfect atmosphere for my paintings.

When I submitted photos of my work to the consignment shop, I felt I needed to explain why I use my fingers, but they didn’t really care. The shop owner said the paintings were “very nice” and I dropped them off a couple of days later. That kind of blew me away. My hands are shaky and my paintings are a little messy. I didn’t think they could just stand on their own with no explanation needed. 

I don’t know if any of my paintings at the consignment shop have sold yet, but I’m trying to stay patient and just keep painting.

I absolutely love painting again, and I’m proud of myself for finding a way to adapt to my shaking hands. 


Humans are resilient creatures and we can adapt to all sorts of situations. I would love to read some stories on how you have adapted to the challenges in your life.


Edit to add photos:



    Love the paintings. As to adapting to challenges, life sent me high blood pressure, and 50 extra pounds. Normal dieting took off 20 pounds, and there things stuck until my heart attack. Met the challenge head on by researching eating for six months, then drastically cutting back on sugar and refined carbs. The remaining 30 pounds fell off over the next year. Then came exercise, a women’s strength class three times a week, first year in a gym and the three years since then in a Zoom class. I am stronger and healthier than I have been in 30 years. My cardiologist said I am one of five patients who are thriving. Blinders are where you find them, and getting beyond them gives you your life back.

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