Poem from My Book — “Baptism”

Happy Thursday! Just sharing another poem from Free to Roam: Poems from a Heathen Mommy.

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Every innocent baby
is born tainted
new to the world
but on a direct path to Hell.

A cold splash of submission
followed by pictures and cake
saves their blank slate souls
and fulfills a family’s societal duty.

The child has been marked
for indoctrination, brainwashing,
and conformity—
a fresh young mind donning chains and shackles.

Water should just be water
in a meaningless ceremony
but it becomes a deadly weapon
recruiting for a dangerous army.

Let the well dry up
Let the children go free
Let’s defeat the army
that has imprisoned us all.


My poetry book gives an atheist perspective on being a Midwest Mom. It is for sale on my publisher’s site freethoughthouse.comBarnes & Noble, and Amazon. (Signed copies are available at freethoughthouse.com.)


  1. blf says

    My apologies, but further evidence I cannot write poetry (whilst you obviously can!):

    Loud, smelly, hungry,
    self-centred creatures.
    Laundry, expenses,
    laundry, laundry,
    a whole fecking village.
    Painful extrusions
    through narrow pipes
    from the deepest caves.
    Expenses and sleepless nights
    and ruined conversations and
    no preference for pink or blue or royal purple or majestic gold.
    Is it any wonder self-anointed
    experts want to torture them,
    with lies and beatings and their
    own self-centred fantasies?
    Servile and cheap,
    a byproduct of girls,
    those feeble-minded distractions from greater good and more gold.

  2. Katydid says

    @blf; that was great! Nobody tells you those things before you have kids, but they’re all true.

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