“Calvin Klein Design Tattoo®” Scam Targeting Tattoo Artists

Millionaire Nigerian princes are fascinating people. On one hand, they supposedly have a lot of money. On the other hand, they need help from random strangers. Moreover, Nigeria is not a monarchy.

Now that most Internet users already know about these unfortunate princes and their cute spam e-mails, these scammers appear to have diversified their target audience with scams tailored to specific victims. Recently, I got an e-mail targeting tattoo artists. It is possible that the scammer sends this message to a large number of random e-mail addresses, but they could have targeted me, because I do draw tattoo designs.

Calvin Klein Design Tattoo® Scam

This e-mail has plenty of red flags suggesting that at some point the sender will ask me to send them some money via Western Union. To begin with, why would Calvin Klein care about a not so famous artist like me? Moreover, Google gives no results for “Calvin Klein Design Tattoo” with quotes. Also, “Rhonda Snyder LAST NAME” doesn’t look particularly professional. I was about to delete this e-mail and forget about it, but then I noticed that I cannot find online information about this particular scam. Did I just find a new scam? What will these people do next? What excuse they will give me for why they need money from me?

After typing a quick e-mail asking for more information, I got the following reply:

Calvin Klein Design Tattoo® Scam

How adorable. I wasn’t going to give them my personal information, so I just asked a few more questions.


That was the end of the e-mail conversation. Apparently, they figured out that I don’t intend to send any money via Western Union. In hindsight, I probably should have sent them some fake personal information so that they finally tell me what kind of cute excuse they have for why I should send them money.


  1. says

    In hindsight, I probably should have sent them some fake personal information

    Once upon a time, a friend of mine was being cyberstalked by a neighbor. So, I interacted with a bunch of online spammers and scammers, pretending to be the neighbor. Hilarity ensues.

  2. brucegee1962 says

    I particularly like “convey its detail to you unanimously.”
    Wouldn’t want to have any dissenters, would we?

  3. John Morales says

    That first screenshot shows a recipient email address that differs from the others.

    Presumably you noticed and don’t care.

  4. Ridana says

    My favorite part was “tattoo artist(s) are selected based on their willingness to participate…” and apparently not on any artistic talent in creating designs. 😀

  5. Reshma says

    I got the sane emails too…and I was stupid enough to send them my details…got a cheque which will definitely not gonna go thru….I hope I am not in a mess..

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