Right Wing Rumbling.


Right wingers have been polishing their rhetoric and goddidits, and they are increasingly leaving the halls of right wing for alt right, throwing their lot in with the white supremacists.

Michael Hill, president of the neo-Confederate League of the South has had plenty to say:

Once the globalist-progressive coalition of Jews, minorities, and anti-white whites stops reeling in confusion from the results of yesterday’s election, we can expect them to start striking back with trickery and violence. Thus, we as Southern nationalists face both danger and opportunity.

Now, more than ever, we need tight organization and numbers to help drive a stake through Dracula’s heart and keep him from rising once again to menace our people and civilization. No mercy should be shown to the enemies of our God, our Folk, and our civilization. None would be afforded us.

Dracula? How did a literary figure get into this? I’m sure that stands for someone or something, but right now, I don’t give a damn. It’s idiocy. Why not invoke the ever popular zombie apocalypse? As for no mercy would be afforded them, oh, that wins some sort of hyperbole prize. These people start crying over criticism, which is what they tend to call being treated mercilessly. Hill also had a warning for all those pure Southerners:

…So here is my warning to the victors: do not go back to sleep and think all is well. If you don’t finish the job by routing your enemies and driving them into the sea while you have the chance, they will re-group and be back at your throats in no time! You have been given a reprieve by God (probably undeservedly so); do not give your enemies and His a reprieve.

Their goal is to dispossess you of everything. If you have not heard that over the past year, then you have not been listening. Just what the hell do you think multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance are all about? Your enemies care nothing about those things. They are merely used as weapons against you for your dispossession and ultimate destruction. The sum of their effect is White Guilt.


These media elites (and others of their elite ilk) look forward to the demise of old white America and the rise of a new paradigm in which they will hold sway. You will be dispossessed, sequestered in the equivalent of ghettos, and will be a despised and hated minority in the country your ancestors built.

Just once, I’d like for one of these clowns to acknowledge that they just love ghettos, as long as they aren’t in them. Those ancestors of yours did not build this country. They stole it through genocide, then had slaves do the actual work.

You, by God’s grace, may have been given a short reprieve from this scenario. Redeem the time! As for me, I recommend that we get busy with Southern independence. We need our own country, and it must be run by us for our own interests. It must once again be White Man’s Land.

I’m just fine with you founding White Man’s Land. First of all, you need to get the fuck out of this country, find a place which is completely uninhabited, purchase it, and there ya go, white fantasy land! You won’t do that though, because at the bottom of it all, you’re a chickenshit. You wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how to run your little ‘country’ or island, or whatever you found. Via RWW.

Elsewhere, Mike Huckabee has been waxing folksy on what a great president Trump will be, wait, the greatest ever, you betcha!

Horowitz’s annual “Restoration Weekend” allows far-right activists to mingle with conservative elected officials. This year, Steve Bannon, who left Breitbart News to run Trump’s presidential campaign and has since been named the president-elect’s chief strategist, was scheduled to attend, although we have not been able to confirm that he actually showed up. Milo Yiannopoulous, a Breitbart editor and apologist for the racist alt-right movement, was given an award.

In remarks to the conference that were broadcast on Periscope by Andrew Torba, the CEO of an alt-right version of Twitter, Huckabee told attendees that Trump “will turn out to be one of the great presidents of our time and may be one of the greatest ever.”


He also said that Trump would make sure that government agencies “will run a fair show,” saying that in contrast he would have had to “seek asylum in some foreign country” if Hillary Clinton won the presidency “because I knew I was going to be a target.”

Again with this remarkable hyperbole. Does anyone even think about Huckabee? I don’t. There’s such a need for puffery in the old white guys’ club, they are just so darn important they have to keep reminding people of it. Via RWW.

Sam Rohrer is positive that Trump’s being elected was god’s doing. He doesn’t say which god. Maybe Loki. Jim Bakker is of the opinion that Trump’s election is the greatest miracle ever. Janet Porter is gleeful over the green light to illegalize abortion. More dead women, ain’t that great!

David Kupelian, of World Net Daily, has declared that a very particular disaster has been avoided:

“We would have seen how evil works if we had Hillary Clinton as president,” Kupelian said. “She would have literally driven many people insane. I mean that in a clinical way.”

While older people would have responded to a Clinton presidency by praying more and stocking up on food and supplies, Kupelian asserted, young people would have been driven over the edge and soon started carrying out mass killings.

“To have an outright criminal married to a certified sexual predator in the White House and to glorify that and all that is implied in society elevating these people back into positions of ultimate power, as basically the rulers of the world,” he stated, “to a lot of young people whose souls and views are still being formed, they’d go nuts. And you’d see more acting out and criminality and people doing crazy things. You’d say, ‘My God, how did that happen? Why did this person go and shoot up a classroom of people?’ and so forth. I’m saying, you elevate somebody like that to the president and you unleash hell.”

People have elected a criminal and a sexual predator to the presidency, and fascism has been unleashed. We can go ahead and call that hell.

Standing Rock Update.


The image, above, is a real image.  It is not photoshopped.  A photographer by the name of Colin McCarthy captured this moment on his Instagram account (@Colinnnnn) and said the following:

Friends at #standingrock please be safe, this man just plowed through a peaceful prayer ceremony waving a gun, injuring 2 people and then proceeded to fire 7 shots into the air. Women, children and elders all running to get out of the way…

So there’s that.

Gyasi Ross’s full article here.

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The New Normal (Continuing 5).


P.S. Not for niggers:


“KILL KILL KILL BLACKS” written inside a bathroom late last week at the Sligo Creek Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland. One student reported the incident to their teacher, who apparently didn’t inform the school’s administration, which only learned about the graffiti after a member of the building service crew found it and reported it.

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How Nice to Be Rich…


The rich are busy with survivalism, not only buying insanely expensive luxury bunkers, but a whole survivalist community is going up in Texas. (Where else?) Oh, pardon me, they refer to it as a long-term sustainability community, not a survival community. This is a country club based community, with capacity for about 1,600 people. I imagine we’d be talking rich white people here. I’m not in the least rich, and I’m not all the way white, but I’ve had a longstanding interest in sustainability, especially when it comes to Indigenous people having their land stolen over and over, and their ability to sustain themselves ripped away in order to give yet more to people who don’t give one shit about sustainable resources. Now it looks like sustainability and clean energy are really only for those who can afford it, and are allowed into the country club. I’d be willing to bet that every asshole who buys into this place has fought any initiative on climate change and clean energy tooth and fucking nail.

Trident Lakes is a 700-acre, $300 million development that’s billed as a “lavish country-club community” that’ developers say is “part private resort, part safe haven.” Trident Lakes CEO Jim O’Connor and spokesman Richie Whitt said the 400 planned condos will be able to house about 1,600 people total. The condos will range from 900 to 3,600 square feet in size and feature underground floors.

O’Connor understands there may be an inkling to look at Trident Lakes as a “doomsday survival community,” but said he doesn’t view his development in such terms. “We’ve evolved it into long-term sustainability instead of a survival community,” O’Connor said. “The concept is to build a community that will last two centuries or longer. That means we’re looking at designs that include earth structures that won’t be exposed to the elements.” Part of that longevity feature is building most of the condos underground.

O’Connor plans to make the community sustainable by including “off the grid” sources of food, water and energy. Communal greenhouses, an air purification system and even a DNA vault are also planned for the community.

On the upscale side of Trident Lakes, O’Connor plans on adding an equestrian center, polo fields, zip lines and gun ranges. Retail shops, restaurants and a row of helipads are also in the works. O’Connor and Whitt haven’t disclosed a set price to move into the community yet. Whitt said the condos will be comparable to owning a second home.


“We’re looking into using different energy sources and innovative amenities,” O’Connor said. “This is not only a place to go in an emergency, but also a place people can enjoy living in year round.”

Via Houston Chronicle.

You Can Hang A N*gger…

Police in Pittsburg, California said on Sunday that they were taking “legal action” to remove a sign that advocates for lynching black Americans.

Via Raw Story. In other news from the beautiful blue state:

Two actors from the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley were accosted and threatened by a pair of Trump supporters in a Los Angeles bar on Friday night.

Huffington Post reported that Kumail Nanjiani said in a series of tweets on Saturday that he and co-star Thomas Middleditch were left shaken and unnerved after the encounter, which nearly escalated into violence.

“Was at a bar last night with @Middleditch. At the end of the night, 2 white dudes, 20’s, who’d been there for hours came up to us,” wrote Nanjiani.

“‘We’re big fans of you guys. (To Thomas) I trolled you on twitter yesterday.’ He goes on to say how we’re wrong about Trump,” he continued.

“I go ‘Hey we don’t wanna discuss politics right now,’” Nanjiani recounted. “His friends goes ‘oh they’re cucks.’ Then starts yelling at us. ‘CUCKS CUCKS CUCKS!’”

“Cuck” is short for cuckold — a man whose partner is unfaithful. The term has been picked up as an insult by men’s rights activists, white nationalists and internet trolls.

Nanjiani continued, “He starts getting in my face. Thomas puts his hand on the dude’s chest to stop him. ‘Don’t touch me you cuck. Wanna go outside?’”

“At this point, the bouncer runs over, grabs them, kicks them out. The bartender is awesome & apologetic. Thomas & I are stunned,” he said. “This happened at a bar in LA surrounded by ppl. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be someone who looks like me in other parts.

We have our work cut out for us, don’t we?

Via Raw Story.

Empathy for White Conservatives? No.


Kali Holloway has an excellent article up at Raw Story: Stop asking me to empathize with the white working class. Here’s just a bit of it:

[…] Trump stoked racial hatred, but he didn’t invent it, so stop acting like he did because it makes you feel good. The irony of this whole thing is that Trump knew better than a lot of “good” white folks—even recognized as well as folks of color did—how much white power and supremacy means to white people. From day one, he bet that it would be enough to get him elected. He ran a brilliant campaign, in a country where a brilliant campaign can almost solely consist of telling white people they might not be on top forever. He called it. Credit where it’s due.

The only surprise to come out of this election is how many, and how quickly, white people want us to empathize with the people who voted against our humanity, our right to exist in this place. Even before the election, the Washington Post actually had the audacity to berate us for not crying for the white working class. In the days since Trump won, the number of articles urging everybody to be cool to Trump’s America, to understand what they are facing, to hear their grievances, has added insult to injury. Bernie Sanders issued a statement saying Trump “tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media.” I read it at least three times and couldn’t find the words “white supremacy” anywhere in it.

Please miss me with all this nonsense. I’m not even going to get into how this is based on an easily refutable economic lie, especially since others have already spent precious time they’ll never get back breaking this down. But even if it was true—and I am well aware of what’s plaguing the white working class, from substance abuse to suicide to a loss of manufacturing jobs—I refuse to take part in the endless privileging of white pain above all others. (Martin Gilens, who has studied this stuff going way back, notes that when the media face of poverty is white, this country suddenly gets a lot more compassionate.) Latinos and African Americans remain worse off than the white working class—which is still the “largest demographic bloc in the workforce”—by pretty much every measurable outcome, from home ownership to life expectancy. Where are these appeals for us when we protest or riot against the systemic inequality we live with? Where are all the calls to recognize and understand our anger?

For hundreds of years, white people have controlled everything in this country: the executive office, Congress, the Supreme Court, the criminal justice system, Wall Street, the lending institutions, the history textbook industry, the false narrative that America cares about liberty and justice for all. But I need to understand white feelings of marginalization because a black man was in the White House for eight years? Because political correctness—a general plea for white people not to be as awful as they have been in the past— asked that white people put more effort into being decent than they felt up to? Because white folks didn’t like that feeling when politicians aren’t singularly focused on the hard times and struggles of their communities? Audre Lorde said (I wonder if that woman ever got sick of being right), “oppressors always expect the oppressed to extend to them the understanding so lacking in themselves.” For a people who have shamed black folks for supposedly always wanting a hand out, for being a problem of the entitlement state, I have never seen people who so firmly believe they are owed something.

Let me pass along some advice black folks have been given for a long time: stop being so angry and seeing yourself as a victim, and try pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. That’s really all I have for you right now, this re-gifting of wisdom. […]

I’ll stand with Ms. Holloway here, and I stand by Iris, too. Over at Death to Squirrels, I said that my days of empathizing with cons of any stripe are over, and they are. White people have gone full court whiny now, wanting everyone to pat them on the head and say, yes, yes, you have it so bad, darling. No. Even liberal white people are getting in on the Whine Wagon. “But you have to be nice to them! They’re just misunderstood!” My response to that? The fuck I do, and the fuck they are.

Before I go on, the standard disclaimer: no, all white people aren’t awful. No, all white people aren’t unrepentant bigots. No, all white people are not willfully ignorant assholes. Yes, lots of white people get it.

This nonsense of “you must have empathy for them, you must!” needs to stop, right now. The people who voted Trump into the position of president-elect did so for specific reasons, but the primary one is exactly what Ms. Holloway said: power. White people are all about power, and they love their privilege. Of course they listened to a fucking gold-plated idiot who told them their power as Mighty Whitey was slipping. They’ve already felt that, and yep, they’ve been very upset about it, and grabbed onto Trump with a death grip in order to get firmly ensconced on top of the people pile once more. I have no idea why white liberals have latched onto the tone argument; Trumpoids have no interest in anyone being nice and understanding, they want obeisance and submission. They want to be what they always have been in this country – lords of the manor. They want to be able to spit, sneer, and be in a position of authoritative judgment of all others. White cons have no use whatsoever for white liberals, either, so that makes the tone argument even more inexplicable.

I’ll be 59 in a matter of days. I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s. Tumultuous times, rife with change, change for the better. There was such hope in the ’70s, people had such faith in the future. This is not what we were dreaming about. The 80s saw the serious rise of conservatism once again, especially Christian conservatism. I’ve been around for the whole thing, and decade by decade, cons have gotten worse, more extreme, more hateful, more spiteful, more poisonous. It’s not a surprise the white wall of conservative xianity took their one chance to power, nor is it surprising that white supremacists have wrapped themselves around Trump like a cloak. All that, I understand. I don’t like it at all, but I understand it.

What I don’t understand is this hand-wringing call for sympathy, tea and cookies. No. No, no, no. When have Christian Cons every had empathy for anyone except themselves? When have white supremacists ever had empathy for anyone except themselves? Christian Cons and white supremacists are evil people, perfectly willing commit themselves to evil to gain their goals. We’re dealing with one of those acts of evil right now. They did the proverbial deal with the devil in order to get closer to all the things they want, and what they want, more than anything, is to stomp people into submission, one way or another. They want to stomp all those feminist sluts into the ground, removing any sort of bodily autonomy, unless it happens to be their bodily autonomy on the line, natch. “No More Uppity” might as well be their battle cry, along with the requisite god, guns, and bible business.

I haven’t recovered quite yet, but to anyone who thinks that “you gotta be nice to them” is some sort of strategy or argument, I have one response: Fuck No.

Kali Holloway’s full article is here, highly recommended. Also recommended: https://twitter.com/drskyskull/status/796916965956874241

Sunday Facepalm.

Mother, Jennifer Reynaga -- (NBC4 screen grab)

Mother, Jennifer Reynaga — (NBC4 screen grab)

A Los Angeles area substitute teacher has been fired after a student recorded him taunting Latino sixth graders about the election of Donald Trump, telling them their parents were going to be deported, reports NBC4.

According to Jennifer Reynaga, she expected Latino students to be harassed after the election of Trump who made bashing immigrants,and Mexicans in particular, a cornerstone of his campaign.

“I would think the kids would do it, but I never thought a teacher would do it,” said Reynaga said in an interview.

The Reynaga family turned over the recording, captured with another student’s cellphone, to the school district where the unidentified substitute physical education teacher can be heard speaking to students at Bret Harte Middle School in South Los Angeles.

“If you were born here, then your parents got to go. Then they will leave you behind, and you will be in foster care,” the teacher can be heard telling Reynaga’s 11-year-old daughter.

When the sixth grader asked how Trump would find them, the teacher replied, “I have your phone numbers, your address, your mama’s address, your daddy’s address. It’s all in the system, sweetie.”

Emphasis mine. So, this is adulthood, is it? A person supposedly mature enough to be trusted with children? Apparently, all those people who decided to cast a vote for Trump are immature assholes who represent a clear danger to others. This ‘teacher’ has been fired, but it’s not enough. Such incidents also need to see charges and arrests. Here in the lost country, it’s perfectly okay to abuse the hell out of people who are simply trying to keep water clean, to arrest them and charge them for doing nothing at all, but someone who threatens children has nothing happen outside the loss of their job. Welcome to Trump Land indeed.

Via NBC4 and Raw Story.

Another teacher is on the receiving end of a suspension, but for offending Trumpoids:

The Monterey Herald said that Mountain View High School placed teacher Frank Navarro on paid leave after a parent complained in an email about the lesson and statements that Navarro made in class.

Navarro — a 40-year classroom veteran and expert in Holocaust studies — said, “This feels like we’re trying to squash free speech. Everything I talk about is factually based. They can go and check it out. It’s not propaganda or bias if it’s based on hard facts.”

The school district, Navarro said, would neither reveal the contents of the complaint email nor go over the lesson plan with him to determine what the parent found problematic.

Mountain View/Los Altos High School District Superintendent Jeff Harding told the Herald that Navarro was originally suspended through Wednesday, Nov. 16, but he could return to the classroom as early as Monday.

“We are interested in getting Frank back in the classroom … we’re just trying to maintain our due diligence,” Harding said. “We have a heightened emotional environment right now with the election. It’s always a challenge to maintain a line in a classroom.”

Mountain View High School’s newspaper, the Oracle said that some of Navarro’s students that his lessons were “one-sided” and that he used language that Trump supporters would find offensive. Other students have defended the 65-year-old teacher, who has won multiple awards for his studies of the Nazi Holocaust.


“I’ve had Mexican kids come and say, ‘Hey, Mr. Navarro, I might be deported,’” he said. “Is it better to see bigotry and say nothing? That’s what the principal was telling me (during our conversation). In my silence, I would be substantiating the bigotry.”



“Your headscarf isn’t allowed anymore. Why don’t you tie it around your neck and hang yourself with it off of your neck instead of your head.”

The note was signed, “America!”

Full story here.

DAPL Ignores Army Corp. Again.

Courtesy Dr0ne2bewild Shiyé Bidziil/Vimeo. Energy Transfer Partners has gone so far as to build its drilling pad for tunneling under the Missouri River at Lake Oahe, even though it still awaits the necessary easements.

Courtesy Dr0ne2bewild Shiyé Bidziil/Vimeo.
Energy Transfer Partners has gone so far as to build its drilling pad for tunneling under the Missouri River at Lake Oahe, even though it still awaits the necessary easements.

The U.S. Department of Justice is about to announce next steps on de-escalating the standoff regarding construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, according to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

“Today, the Department of Justice announced in federal court that it will be announcing the next steps on a ‘path forward’ for the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing at Lake Oahe,” said Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II in a statement on November 10.

Energy Transfer Partners is refusing to stand down on its construction plans despite two requests from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that it do so.

The company, builders of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), said on Tuesday November 8 that it planned to begin drilling in two weeks—even though at the moment it does not have the easements necessary for it to tunnel under the river legally.

Full story at ICTMN.

“You can troll these people and definitely get some of them to kill themselves.”


The white supremacist assholes at Daily Stormer have a list of of people who tweeted their dismay, upset, and fears about the election, with this added on:

You can troll these people and definitely get some of them to kill themselves.

Just be like “it’s the only way you can prove to the racists that Hillary was right all along.”

“Mass Suicides After Trump Victory” would be a headline the media would play up, but all it would do would demoralize the left even further.


If you’re on Twitter, consider putting blocks in place, taking a break from it, or if not that, be forewarned about harassment, and if you need help, please, please, reach out. There’s an extensive list of health resources here.

Daily Lynching.


Students at the University of Pennsylvania were subjected to a GroupMe group called “N*gger lynching.” But Penn officials have learned that the group was started by students in Oklahoma. Raw Story has been compiling a list that is currently just under 100 incidents of assault, overt racism and intimidation coming from Donald Trump supporters following the election. They range in severity from hurtful to criminal. From signs over water fountains saying “white” and “colored” to a 10-year-old girl having her genitals grabbed by a boy in school because the president told him he could do it.

“Earlier today a number of Black freshmen students at Penn were added to a racist Group Me Account that appears to be based in Oklahoma,” Penn said in a statement. “The account contains violent, racist and thoroughly repugnant images and messages. Our police and information security staff are trying to locate the exact source and see what steps can be taken to cut the account off. Staff in the office of VPUL are trying to determine exactly how many students were impacted and how best to provide support.”

The Daily Penn also reported that black freshmen were added to another group called “Mud Men” and “Trump Is Love.” Both groups had explicit and racist messages. While those responsible may have done this to silence students of color it has only empowered them. The paper reports students are now organizing.

Via Raw Story. Don’t be one of those idiots who tries to tell me it really won’t be that bad. It already is.


White Man. © Marty Two Bulls.

White Man. © Marty Two Bulls.

And from Tiffany Midge, ‘Ars Poetica,’ by Donald J. Trump:

Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.

~E.E. Cummings

Trust me, I’m a poet.

I have all of the words.

I have the best words.

The most tremendous words.

Bigly. Yuge!

Those other poets are a disaster,

just a disaster.

I’m going to build a wall

around those other poet’s

words, because no one

has more respect for words as me.

I love words, I respect words so much.

I love them so much that I would date

my own words if I wasn’t already

related to them.

I’m going to make poetry great again.

And I’m just the poet to do that too.

When it comes to words—

they’re just so beautiful

I just start kissing them,

and I can do that too,

when you’re a poet they let you do that,

they let you do anything,

I’m on those words like a mystic,

I grab ‘em by the muse.

Words are great, they’re a beautiful thing.

I have the best ones though,

because I’m the best.

I’m a winner, words love me.

I’m yuge.