“You can troll these people and definitely get some of them to kill themselves.”


The white supremacist assholes at Daily Stormer have a list of of people who tweeted their dismay, upset, and fears about the election, with this added on:

You can troll these people and definitely get some of them to kill themselves.

Just be like “it’s the only way you can prove to the racists that Hillary was right all along.”

“Mass Suicides After Trump Victory” would be a headline the media would play up, but all it would do would demoralize the left even further.


If you’re on Twitter, consider putting blocks in place, taking a break from it, or if not that, be forewarned about harassment, and if you need help, please, please, reach out. There’s an extensive list of health resources here.


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    Wait these are the same people who are worried about “political correctness”? Clearly nobody’s stopping them from saying vile things. Or are they just complaining that someone is calling them “deplorables” for saying vile things? They’re being politically incorrect!

  2. says

    And, those brave internet warriors are all hiding behind the anonymity of the internet; they’re a great bunch of chickenshits who know they’re chickenshits. That’s what’s killing them. They know they’re anonymizing because they’re cowards, not because they’re afraid of political correctness. There are still people in the world who can or would stomp a hole right through them if they crawl out from under their rock.

  3. rq says

    Or are they just complaining that someone is calling them “deplorables” for saying vile things?

    Whatever happened to all the freeze peach? *moan*

  4. gobi's sockpuppet's meatpuppet says

    Hi Giliell -- you can’t be exposed to so much dumb hatred and come away unaffected -- stay well.

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    Giliell, FWIW your presence in the FtB community is powerful. When you show up on a thread, your comments are thoughtful, heartfelt, witty, observant and empathetic. I cannot speak for others of course, but I find you empowering. So stay the fuck off Twitter if you need to recharge. People need you—I need you—to be well for the dark days ahead. xo

  6. rq says

    Can I pile onto the Giliell hugpile? I got off twitter a while ago, when I stopped curating the racism thread at Pharyngula. Was thinking about going back, but I realizedI can’t do it. Had major thoughts about the continued independence of my country today; more on that later.

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    Yep, big hugpile. I think we need to expand the pillowfort.
    Thank y’all for your kind words.
    The thing that kinda drives me up the wall is this nagging feeling that the white “liberals” who’D have to do the heavy lifting now won’t do it because it doesn’t affect them personally. Sure, some will. I know there are good folks around. But how many people who voted Clinton will go home for Thanksgiving, listen to their racist family members gloat, be all sad and teary eyed and probably expect a person of colour to give them comfort, instead of doing the right thing, tell their family to stuff it* and volunteer somewhere where the most affected communities are building their metaphorical barricades? If they believed in “stronger together” they must prove they’re worth their salt NOW.

    My only hope currently is that Trump will as much a failure as a white supremacist as he’s been with almost everything else.

    *I understand that many people can’t because they are dependent on their asshole family, but many simply won’t because it’s easier not to.

  8. Ice Swimmer says

    This is a bit late, but concurring with Iris, adding that your writing has been helpful for understanding many things.

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