The New Normal (Continuing 5).


P.S. Not for niggers:


“KILL KILL KILL BLACKS” written inside a bathroom late last week at the Sligo Creek Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland. One student reported the incident to their teacher, who apparently didn’t inform the school’s administration, which only learned about the graffiti after a member of the building service crew found it and reported it.

FBI: Hate crimes spike, most sharply against Muslims. * University of Michigan student wearing a hijab was threatened with being set on fire.

Shaun King has noted 5 things in his continuing catalogue of hate crimes: 1. About 70% of reports seem to be from women being attacked, harassed, or assaulted by men.

2. White Trump supporters are consistently telling people who are NOT from Mexico to go back to Mexico.

3. Pedestrians of color, once sun sets, walking alone, are frequent targets of Trump supporters who are in cars/trucks.

4. White Trump supporters who are harassing people regularly mention things like “your time is almost up” or “the clock is ticking”.

5. A shocking number of the incidents are in schools. From elementary school to college campuses all over the country.

Be vigilant people, and remember, Bystander Intervention! Help to keep people safe, protect one another.

Anti-Trump protester tackled from behind while giving speech at student center:

Neo-Nazis have a tantrum:

Andrew Anglin, founder of the neo-Nazi and white supremacist website Daily Stormer, melted down Tuesday after the shoe brand New Balance rejected his endorsement as “the official shoes of White people.”

Saturday, Anglin posted that it was “time to get on-board with New Balance now” after the company’s vice president of affairs, Matt LeBretton, publicly backed Donald Trump.

Giuliani is a leading candidate to be Trump’s secretary of state. * Male Trump supporter sucker-punches woman.

‘You’re a little bitch, eh?’:

Griffiths eventually lost her cool and called the man a “fucking racist.” She said that the man responded by saying he was proud of his racism. He then shouted, “Go Trump!”

This one happened in Canada.

Finally, Rachel Vorona Cote at Jezebel has succinctly dealt with Trump’s supposed shock and surprise over the “two” hate crimes which have taken place, and his daring notpology. In the meantime, our Minister of Propaganda’s white supremacist baby, Breitbart is busy publishing claims that all the hate crimes are fakes. Welcome to the fascist machine!


  1. rq says

    Oh, but Trump supporters aren’t all necessarily racist or sexist, you have to look at it with more nuance. They’re just going to hate it when you call them racist or sexist, tantrums everywhere!

    (Personally the whole idea of compromise with people like this sickens me. I can see the call to give Trump a chance as some sort of high road, but let’s be honest here, any show of goodwill, they will take it and run with it and and give nothing in return. That’s not compromise, that’s surrender.)

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