A Beauty of a Jumping Spider

From the camera of Avalus,

fresh from the lenses are three photos of a beautiful little jumping spider (“Springspinne”) from my sisters balcony. What a tiny beauty, Legs and all about 5 mm in size. Also really fast!

©Avalus, All rights reserved.

©Avalus, All rights reserved.

©Avalus, All rights reserved.


  1. avalus says

    With these palps, it might be a male. But I don’t know! But thanks to PZ descent into spider madn… I mean love, I now know what palps are! And I keep seeing spiders everywhere. Thanks PZ :)

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Zebra jumping spider/Zebraspringspinne/seeprahyppijä is quite an apt name for the critter, the stripes are quite zebra-like. In all three languages, zebra and jumping seem to be present, but Finnish omits the spider.

    And yes, the first picture is marvelous.

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