Second Shot Experience

I did have some warning that this might happen, but one cannot prepare for these things I guess, not really.

My mother had nearly zero reaction to both the first and second shots of the Pfizer vaccine. Some shoulder muscle aches after the first one, some a bit longer muscle aches after the second one but nothing more. My father had almost no side effects after the first one (he has not got the second one yet) and I got only shoulder ache after the first shot, albeit big enough to not being able to sleep for one night and work for one day properly. But it subsided after 24 hours and I was completely OK the day after.

Not after the second shot though. I got it on Wednesday afternoon and at first, it progressed the same as the first shot – my shoulder began to ache, I could not lift my arm and I could not sleep properly because I am used to falling asleep on my left side. However, this time it did not stop there. at 4 a.m. I got serious shivers so I have measured my temperature and I was 1°C above my personal normal. That not only did not go away until noon, it also got in fact worse – at noon I had 1,5°C above my personal normal. I no longer had shivers, I was drenched in sweat instead. And not only my right shoulder muscle was aching, but multiple joints also did, continuously. Especially my fingers and spine. I had to take Paracetamol to fight the temperature. Whether it helped or not I cannot tell. It stopped rising, but it also did not go down and I had to take another at 20:00 after dinner. And I still had to change my beadsheets and pajamas during the night because I was sweating profusely.

Today morning I no longer had a fever and the aches have mostly receded, but I was still weak, I mostly slept until noon and I remained in bed until now, which is about 16:00. I am now mostly pain-free, but I still feel tired like after a day of work and not a day of layaboutism.

The last time I felt this crappy was the previous year when the flu knocked me out. Only that time it took two weeks, not two days. If a vaccine does this to me, I do not ever want to know what the actual coronavirus would have done, I might not live to tell the tale. Yay for vaccines, even when they give you the taste of the real deal.


  1. says

    It’s possible my second Pfizer shot tired me out, as I went to bed earlier than normal for me on the day of the shot. But that, and a bit of a sore upper arm both times, was the only problem I had. My parents also had minimal reactions.

    A cousin of mine in Alberta wasn’t going to get a shot, but ended up getting one. The last I heard she wasn’t going to be a second because of a supposed bad experience with shot one.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    My second Pfizer made my shoulder a little achy for about a day and a half. Better than the week-long ache from #1.

  3. says

    1st shot moderna not even a tiny problem, 2nd shot literally crippling fever-like symptoms. Bizarre thing? Thermometers said i didn’t have a fever, or if I did it wasn’t enough to get me up to 98.6 F. My arm felt like a football, my *perception* of temperature was out of whack, I was achy, I was weak and confused, I took a day off from work.

  4. kestrel says

    Happened to me on the second shot. When I got the shot, I immediately had a gigantic pain in the arm, like my body going, “Oh no -- not this stuff AGAIN…” But it subsided and I was just so happy to get my second shot. I got up the next morning, was having coffee, and began moving slower and slower… I spent the next two days lying on the couch and being super glad I never contracted the virus. That was miserable.

    And I’d do it again, anything to avoid actually contracting this virus. Yes it was miserable but nothing like having to go to the ER and end up on a ventilator, or like some of the people we know who now have what are apparently life-long complications -- constant headache, atrial fibrillation and so on. No thank you. I’ll take lying on the couch for two days in misery any time.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    Ouch. People seem to react quite differently to the Covid vaccines.

    I got next to nothing from my second shot which was Pfizer, the first shot (Astra) caused some redness at the injection site the same day and temperature and weakness next day, but no joint pain.

    I wonder if getting the chimp adenovirus vector vaccine as the first injection and mRNA vaccine as the second causes less side effects with the second shot. I’m sure someone will do a study on the topic.

  6. says

    After the first Pfizer shot I only got barely noticeable very mild soreness in my shoulder.

    After the second shot the soreness in my shoulder was just as mild, but I also got a fever roughly 14 hours after the injection. Several hours later fever was gone on its own, but I still felt rather terrible the next day after vaccination, because I missed sleep that night. I just couldn’t fall asleep when I was simultaneously cold because of fever and hot because of this ridiculous summer heat we have had for over a month by now (usually summers aren’t that hot here).

  7. lorn says

    My second shot of the Moderna vaccine was similar. All my muscles ached. Fever with waves of hot and cold. Then, after twelve hours or so, exhaustion. I slept through most of the thirty-six hour process and woke up a little frazzled but well enough rested and otherwise healthy.

    IMHO, worth it.

  8. avalus says

    Just finally got my firts Biontech shot today. Feeling like having a lihgt flu 6 hours later.

    Worth it, though.

  9. says

    I had the heterologue version with AZ first and Biontech second and the second shot led to massive problems with eyesight, coming 0 to 100 while on the Autobahn.
    It was also over less than 24 h later.

  10. jrkrideau says

    Interesting. Two Oxford-Astra-Zenica shots and nothing but a slight “ouch” when I slapped my arm the next day when saying no reaction. It sees like reactions are all over the place.

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