Salads are bad for your health

At least if you manage to cut your finger half off.

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Last night we wanted to make salad for dinner, cutting up a lettuce and tons of veggies and somewhere in this process I cut myself badly. The most likely culprit is the avocado, since they often lead to bad cuts, and the fact that I wasn’t using my usual knife, but acting like I did. Honestly, I can’t tell. The family says the avocado was still on the cutting board. Mr drove me to the hospital, almost threw a temper tantrum because he was not allowed to stay with me due to Covid restrictions, and picked me up again later. A nice doc sewed me up with three stitches and gave me dire warnings about not letting it get infected because though I thankfully missed the sinew, I was close to it.

Well, so much about finally having put up the pool. No swimming for me for the next week at least.


  1. lumipuna says

    Get well soon!

    I commiserate with the “having just installed the swimming pool” thing. This summer is rolling hot and sweaty, and I would be going swimming already (unusual this early in the season) if it wasn’t for the leg ulcer and the big warm compression bandage I’m wearing.

  2. Tethys says

    Ach!! I hope it heals well and quickly. I am glad that Mr is very protective. I’m sure the hospital has good reasons to limit entrance to the injured person, but Mr getting upset at that separation warms my heart.

    I’ve luckily never hurt myself with kitchen knives, though I have nearly cut off a finger via my hand pruners. It’s very debilitating to be one handed, but it was only a few weeks for the tissue to heal well enough that I did not need to use a bandage. Hopefully you will be good as new in a few weeks too, or maybe just wrap the bandaged hand in plastic and enjoy the new pool?!

  3. says

    lumipuna, we can be miserable together

    He’s very protective and equally useless in such a situation. In the end I had to show him the bandages that were right in front of him.
    The doc said the stitches should come out in 8-10 days, so hopefully next weekend it will be almost forgotten. Wrapping the hand might be possible, but pulling my weight up the ladder is not. I cut myself down at the base, so I can’t use my index finger either, because that always pulls against the stitches.

  4. Tethys says

    Ugh, I had pictured steps leading into the pool rather than a ladder.

    Clearly you need a good pool floaty lounge thing to recover from your trauma, preferably one with cup holders for your soothing beverage of choice. ;-)

  5. says


    Nah, a step in pool is a dream for another day. Our pool is a metal frame with a sturdy foil

    Doctor said it looks good, and then rolled his eyes when I said I was going back to work tomorrow. “But you need to lift the hand so it won’t swell!” The assisting nurse had a good chuckle when I said that for once I got to show my students the middle finger.

  6. seachange says

    Oh gosh.

    I heard that millenials were cutting themselves with avocados-eating and thought that this was a generational joke about them eating so many.

    A ripe avocado doesn’t need a sharp knife to cut. It turns out when I queried them that they ate avocados green because otherwise the roommate would eat them. Many folks younger than me here in California were not given a knife to them by their father like everyone in my neighborhood when we were kids.

  7. says

    Seachange, people who rightfully get to call me “young people” are at least ion their 70s. The problem isn’t cutting the avocado, you can use a fork for this, but getting the pit out…

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