Garden Update: The Big Growing

The heavy rains with nice temperatures basically made the garden explode.

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What I thought was squash were actually the two courgette seeds I had planted. Turns out they are more resistant to frost. We’ll, have a lot of them over summer…

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One of the three sisters beds with the monster squash/pumpkin/whatever. I bought a small, withering plant for cheap and gave it soil and water and it is a very grateful plant.

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I planted two different breeds of corn and it’s very noticeable.

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Look at my tomatoes! By now I have to put in multiple sticks to support the whole plant. The first fruit are visible and they made it through both storm and rain alike.



  1. brucegee1962 says

    We have the three sisters every Thanksgiving — squash, corn, and beans together with a little butter and brown sugar. It is fantastic.

  2. Tethys says

    Wow, that tomato is lush! Mine are still tiny transplants, but our weather has been atrocious. Cold, late spring followed by intense heat, searing wind, and very little rain. My water bill is going to be enormous, I’ve already lost the strawberry crop and there won’t be any cornelian cherries this year because of a late hard freeze.

    This week has normal temperatures, but still no rain. It is so dry that trees are developing die back on their new growth, which is truly alarming for June.

  3. lumipuna says

    My tomatoes and cucumber are growing nicely in hot weather, while leafy greens are struggling. Can’t please everyone.

  4. Tethys says

    Update: It’s RAINING!!! A glorious drenching rain has driven me inside. The raspberries are saved, and I don’t need to water all day.

    Perhaps my garden will eventually be as lush and green as this delightful space. The terracing blocks are quite ingenious, and I enjoy getting to see how they work in practice. It’s a great use of the available space to terrace and create vertical garden area in a slope that would otherwise be very difficult to navigate.

  5. says

    Thanks. The terracing has been my plan since we got the house and this year it finally happened. I’ll have to think about crop rotation next year. The little one wants to plant potatoes.

  6. avalus says

    Ah, garden-envy >:(

    Well not really, looks fantastic and I hope you will get a rich harvest!
    I personally love buying the “nearly dead-a dime a dozend plants” and nursing them to health. Did that this year with a zucchini as well. :)

    @Thethys: Hurray for raining! It is way too dry here as well.

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