An Important Petition from Iris

Iris at Death to Squirrels has a post up regarding the cruel treatment and unjust imprisonment of a young bi-racial girl with mental health problems. It’s an ugly story about a family looking for help and finding horror instead. It’s not only an indictment of the American mental health system but another urgent example of why Black Lives Matter really does matter. The more I read, the angrier I became, and I encourage you all to go read the story and get angry, too. Then, go sign the petition. I did, but I’m not an American, and the petition needs American voices – lots of them. At the very least, it will let this family know that they are not alone, but maybe collectively, we can get this child the help she desperately needs and offer her a future. Thanks.


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    You know what’s really terrifying? Before clicking on the link I thought it referred to another case where a black girl with ADHD was jailed for allegedly not doing her homework during lockdown.
    Many people in the US seem to think they are strong and tough because they use violence and the police and jail for literal children, mostly kids of colour, when they’re anything but.

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