I think I mentioned before that one of my BFFs is looking for a house and we’d all like it very much if that house was close to us. Now, the “estate” we’re living in was mostly built in the 60s and 70s, which also means that now lots of those houses are changing their owners as the original owners are too old to live alone, the houses are too big, or they die, and the children have long since moved into their own homes, wherever those are. Which is exactly how we bought ours. Another house has turned up on the market after the owner died and on Saturday the heirs had a combined garage sale and house visiting day.

While the house certainly has potential, it is too big and too expensive for my friend who is single, but the garage sale was a very nice thing for another friend and me. Old people tend to have a lot of near indestructible tools .

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Several chisels, a wire brush, two plumber wrenches, several files, tin pliers, a small planer and two hammers. Not shown: a 2m spirit level and an electrical meat carving knife. All together for 35 bucks, the plumber wrenches alone would cost me more.

My friend’s wife and my husband knew what would happen as soon as they saw the tools and they resigned in their fates.


  1. avalus says

    There is nothing like good tools. This reminds me of the time, when my grandfather died, there was a rush by his friends to grab anything that was not nailed down in the garage. They felt very entitled to his old tools and did not take “no” lightly … .

  2. Jazzlet says

    That is a jolly fine haul :-D

    I have no idea why, but “tin pliers” are usually called “tin snips”.

  3. says


    Schwedezang! Well, my dad still has my grandfather’s tools, so I had to start my own collection.


    I have no idea why, but “tin pliers” are usually called “tin snips”.

    I blame google, becvause I had to look that one up. Also, tin snips makes a lot more sense.

  4. says

    The chisels look like a fine set for smashing tiles, stone, bricks and mortar. Put a decent edge on them and they’ll cut metal too. Just the thing for sending small sharp fragments into innocent bystanders!

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