Jack’s Walk

Hosta La Vista ©voyager, all rights reserved

We had a lovely bit of sunshine this afternoon, but it didn’t warm things up one little bit. Except perhaps inside the car where I started to sweat underneath all of my layers, which today included a pair of silk long johns and undershirt, a sweater and yoga pants topped off with a puffy winter coat, tuque, scarf and mittens, but not yet double socks. I really dislike feeling cold and have a tendency to overdress. Jack wondered what the heck was going on when I pulled over to take off my coat and then put it on again once we stopped. Jack thinks clothing is a human vanity, which is true, but clothing is also a necessity for a naked Canadian ape like me and he doesn’t get that part. He says silly things like “you’d stay warmer if you didn’t shave your legs” or “you need a little more fat to insulate.” Bubba, if I never shaved again and gained a hundred pounds I’d still want the long johns and winter gear. “Bah,” he says. “Humans are soft.”


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Yes, the hind-leg-walking mop-top ape originally evolved in the tropics, so we need our silly vanities in the north.

    I had to check the Pfft, what are hostas and I think they are also grown here and they are called moon lily (kuunlilja). The leaves do look familiar.

    Also, hosta is Swedish for cough(cf. Husten in German) (and the hosta plants are called funkia in Swedish), while höst is autumn/fall.

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