YouTube Video: Why is Pride Still Important in 2019?

I know you needn’t reminding, but sometimes it helps to have our SJW arguments refreshed.

In the past, when confronted with a person who complained about how sexuality is a private thing and therefore gay parades should not exist, I have pointed out the publicity and ostentatiousness of (not only) royal weddings.

Sex is a private thing. Sexuality and sexual orientation, not so much. Not in Europe nor anywhere in the so-called “west”.


  1. rq says

    A reminder is good every now and then. When gay and other minority relationships and weddings are celebrated with the same joy, pride and ostentatiousness as straight weddings, I think it would still be good to have a Pride parade. It’s just more love for the world.

  2. voyager says

    Thanks for the timely reminder, Charly. Supporting the efforts of Pride is something we all can do all the time, not just during Pride month. The statistics in the video are unacceptable and we all must work to change them.

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