Jack’s Walk

The shy flower of mayapple ©voyager, all rights reserved

Things change so quickly in the forest at this time of year. Today we found very few trilliums and those that remain have turned the pretty pink of fading glory. Also disappearing are the Jack-in-the-pulpits and I’ll miss them the most. Taking their place are the shy flowers of mayapples and small patches of buttercups and forget-me-nots. The false Solomon’s seal is also in bloom and hundreds of baby trees have sprouted up across the forest floor. The biggest change we saw today was in the quality and quantity of light. The canopy is nearly full and the bare, bright light of winter and early spring has vanished into dappled pools and deep shade. The quality of sound has also changed under the fullness of leaves and the forest is entirely more intimate and inviting.

Mayapple, why must you bloom facedown? ©voyager, all rights reserved


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    I love how the first picture is like a miniature demonstration of canopy and its shadow.

  2. rq says

    I like following along with the changes of the forest, I can picture it perfectly in my mind. You certainly have a knack for descriptive prose.

  3. voyager says

    Ha! No photo bomb by Jack this time. He’s on the path beside me wondering why I’m laying on the ground and he’s making increasingly loud crying noises in an effort to make me hurry up.

  4. rq says

    You’re very welcome, voyager!
    (And poor Jack, the things he puts up with from his human…!)

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