Brexit means Brexit means ….????

Oh my, I have stumbled onto the twitter account of that bumbling nationalist buffoon Nigel Farage and my blood began to boil.

What really gets up my nose about this posturing pustule is that not only has he not done any meaningful work to clean up the mess he helped to make – he only stands on the sidelines, making potshots adding to it even more – but that he still pretends that the daft referendum has represented democratically the will of the people.

It has not.

The ever so vapid Theresa May likes to repeat “Brexit means Brexit”,  as if it were some meaningful statement saying something.

It is not.

A popular theme among the Brexiters is “people have spoken” as if people were actualy asked what they want.

The were not.

There is one important point ignored by Brexiters over and over again – the referendum did not ask people what they want. It does not represent the will of the people as they say it. It cannot.

The question posed was “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” as if it were a binary vote. But it is not, as recent shenanigans in British government shows, it is a very complex issue which cannot be reduced to a simple binary. There is only one way  to stay in the EU – but there is a multitude of ways to leave. There never was a majority to leave – there was a majority to remain and multiple minorities with mutually exclusive ideas about what leave means to them which were lumped together under one umbrella because some idiot did not think things through (or perhaps did? nah I think that gives these bozos too much credit). And now those mutually exclusive ideas about what Brexit actually, really, means bear fruit in the inevitable inability to decide on a deal and stick with it, as the different brexiter fractions keep posturing and demanding and not willing to compromise on anything, which is actualy necessary in any functioning democracy.

The only democratic way forward is to put to people a second referendum, this time with a list of multiple viable options, just like in the indicative votes last week. I do not think it will happen. I think the destructive self-centered assholes and those dupes that voted for them are going to get their no-deal, because that is the default option if they manage to disrupt and obstruct long enough – and they are determined to do exactly that.

And thus the whole country is piloted by these people towards a crash in one huge and completely unnecessary Brexikaze, a fanatical and futile act of self-destruction almost inevitably bound to make more damage to UK than to that which they seek to destroy.


  1. says

    There was one lovely argument in a recent debate on the 6 million signatures on the Revoke Brexit petition.

    It was that Theresa May thought it was legitimate to ask the people to change their minds about the people they elected to Parliament after just two years, but doesn’t think that they can legitimately be asked if they’ve changed their mind on Brexit nearly three years after the referendum.

  2. rq says

    I think they should just revoke Article 50 and start the whole conversation all over again, in a calm, rational manner, spending enough time on each ‘Leave’ option to educate the populace, spending enough time on the ‘Remain’ option(s) to educate the populace (because honestly I think they should just stay, get the euro, and get on with life), and then make a proper decision about it.
    It’s like they spent three years doing absolutely nothing, then the 6 months leading up to March 29 spending all-nighters but no actual research into trying to get some sort of deal, and these last two weeks begging the teacher for an extension and trying to cram what little they do know into a decent results analysis, when it’s clear that they have not come to any single reasonable conclusion that would be worth discussing and backed up by facts.
    Or something. At least, it feels a lot like writing my bachelor’s thesis to me…

  3. voyager says

    If it weren’t so serious a thing the whole squabble would be comical. Like a Monty Python sketch. Unfortunately, it’s the regular Brit who’s going to suffer and not the clowns who forced the issue.

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