1. rq says

    OMG Jack looks absolutely miserable! I hope it is just what we call here a cīruļputenis (a “lark’s blizzard”), one of those last dying cries of winter before true spring sets in.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    It looks like wet snow. I’m hoping the weather gets warmer and the rain liquid!

  3. avalus says

    Really bad weather is called “Hundewetter” in German -- dogweather. It may stem from the saying “you would not even let the dogs outside” (with this weather). I hope spring comes to you soon, Jack looks miserable.

  4. says

    My dogs had a great solution to hundwetter -- they’d let themselves into the house and hide under the kitchen table -- which was funny because they a) smelled b) really smelled c) were huge and did jot exactly “hide” d) could open the door but never closed it.

    So if I forgot to let them in for a storm they just made a muddy mess of the kitchen. Normally they were outdoors dogs but they didn’t like wind and lightning.

  5. Onamission5 says

    In NC, US we would call that a “dogwood frost” or “dogwood freeze,” so named as the second to last vestige of winter before true spring’s arrival which usually occurs late March when the dogwood trees are in bloom. The last vestige of winter happens mid to late spring and is called a “blackberry frost.”

    Poor Jack! That’s more Newman’s kind of weather for sure.

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