YouTube Video: Forging an EPIC Leaf!!!

An interesting piece of work from Alec Steele, showing here his craft at age 18 years. Note how strategicaly and quickly put hammer blows actually keep the steel hot so it can be worked a bit longer. Allegedly it is even possible to hig cold piece of steel with power hammer in such a way that it starts to glow red hot.


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    Allegedly it is even possible to hit cold piece of steel with power hammer in such a way that it starts to glow red hot.

    You have to be under 20 years old to do that.

    A flint and steel sparking set-up is basically a chisel and some high carbon steel. I believe it’s possible (but, it’s an IQ test) You’d want to start with maybe 1/4″ square bar and rapidly hammer it down to a thin wire. Meanwhile, just as I was about to collapse, a bystander would toss me a cigarette lighter. (the IQ test score) It sounds like the kind of pointless trick they’d force someone to attempt on Forged in Fire

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    @Marcus, I have heard that story from my supervisor at work, so it is de-facto first hand account.
    He learned smithing in high school and during the practica the talk came to how someone demostrated this trick in TV and everyone was impressed. The teacher said “Lads, it it no biggie, let me demonstrate”. And he took a piece of cold 10x10 mm square mild steel and within I think six blows on the power hammer he got it to a point and the point was glowing red-hot. The trick was in getting the end of the square consistently thinner with each blow and delivering the blows quickly. I would guess it takes some skill.

    I do not think it is possible with hand-held hammer no matter how young one is.

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