In the Key of Autumn

Got out of the train yesterday, and it was sunny. The lindens by the station haven’t turned yet, but I caught some fine colours down by the riverside today. The weather is changing by the minute – hail, rain, sunshine, very dramatic! Come take a bit of a walk with me…

Blue skies and trees

The field by the riverside with a view to the swimming area. The sky is deceptively blue…


Across the street, there’s a cool-looking old building getting a new roof.


Walking down to the river’s edge, you get a nice view downriver towards the capital. See those clouds? They look so white and fluffy…! Some ducks also enjoying the weather.


Turning upriver, there’s the grove of willow trees, casting shadow patterns and shading the swimming area.


A view of the swimming area – I disturbed a white heron, it was hunting in the reeds a bit further up, but unfortunately was too slow with the camera.


Some beach detritus, because what’s a beach without detritus?


Through the reeds and subtle spider silk, you can see the remains of the (said to be) oldest stone building in the Baltics, the former castle and church of Bishop Meinard, the founder of the first churches in Livonia way back in the 12th century. They’ve put a roof over the ruins, and when the HES is under repair, they lower the water level enough that you can walk out to it.


On the way back to the car, this little sun-catcher caught my eye.


It’s not everywhere, but I did find colour, the maples are very red this year.


See? It’s been raining.

Anyway, I have something more epic (music-wise) planned for later, but in the meantime, here’s another mellow autumn song. It has about a million versions out there (only a slight exaggeration), all kinds, one of those songs that “everyone” knows. It’s one of many patriotic love songs, and the words go something like this (and I translate loosely):

Autumn comes to paint Latvia

But don’t try so hard

For me she is the most beautiful

Even so


Slightly too large to warm her with your shawl

Slightly too large to take into your arms and embrace her

Slightly too small to let her go alone in the wide roads of the world

Too small to let her go alone

I will go with her


Autumn comes to paint Latvia

But don’t try so hard

For us she is the most beautiful

Even so.


Here’s a version (original artist), from the music chart show Mikrofons in 1981:


  1. voyager says

    What a lovely walking tour! It seems very flat, but you’ve captured such big skies that your photos feel very energetic.
    And it is fabulous to have music again on Affinity.

  2. Nightjar says

    Oh these are all so lovely! My favourite is the beach detritus, makes me miss the holidays and reminds me I should send some of the seashell/seaside photos I took. But I also love the sun-catcher, makes me look forward to having the fields green and full of wildflowers again. I’m hoping October brings rain so November can bring some wildflowers… though last year it didn’t.

    And I agree with voyager, it is so good to have music on Affinity again! Thanks!

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