Jack’s Walk

Weighty things on his mind today, ©voyager, all rights reserved

Jack did a lot of swimming at the beach today. Usually he’ll go after a stick a few times and after that he prefers to just paddle around close to shore. Today, though, he couldn’t get enough. Again and again he wanted us to throw out a stick for him to bring back. He kept it up for close to half an hour which is a lot of exercise for a 10 year old puppy. By the time we got home he was totally exhausted. He followed me into the bathroom, laid himself down and proceeded to sleep for the next 2 hours just as you see him here.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Aww, he really burned the candle at both ends (somehow, that metaphor is a bit less well suited for frolicking in water).

  2. voyager says

    chigau and DonDueed,
    It read about 2 lbs, lbs, but I keep the scale a bit on the light side. ;D

  3. rq says

    D’aww. They look so innocent when asleep. Well done, Jack.
    Though after throwing a stick for half an hour, I wonder how long his humans napped?

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